Saturday, October 30, 2010

Did Charlie Chaplin film a time traveller?

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller? Video created by George Clarke on how he noticed a strange person in some extra footage of a Charlie Chaplin video, a person who appears to be talking on a cell phone, in 1928! At first it might seem wierd, but the best and most logical explanation is that this is a time traveller with some form of communication device, which did not exist in 1928. Watch for yourself and decide...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Maze of the letter G by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of uppercase letter G:Yonatan Frimer maze of Uppercase G

Click for Maze Solution of upper-case letter G Maze
G-Maze - Psychedelic maze of the 7th letter in the English alphabet. Maze entrance and maze exit is in the upper left and lower right corners of the maze. Created using off image vanishing points and alternating shades to depict the letter as you see it here. Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Justin Bieber Maze Portrait by Yonatan Frimer

Justin Bieber Maze Portrait

Maze portrait of Justin Bieber

Click for Maze Solution of Justin Bieber Maze Portrait
Maze of Justin Bieber, the teenage pop-sensation that teenage girls go wild for. The maze starts in the upper left corner, and ends in the lower right. Should take you only a few minutes to solve this maze, which is also about how long it too Justin Bieber to become famous. Created by Yonatan Frimer

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Letter A MazeMaze of UpperCase D by Yonatan Frimer

Letter B maze, second letter in the alphabet, upper-caseMaze O letter mazes alphabet maze
Letter B maze, fourteenth letter in the alphabet, upper-caseLetter X maze, twenty-fourth letter in the alphabet, upper-case

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Last Maze The Mouse Sees By Yonatan Frimer

Last Maze The Mouse SawCat Attack Psychedelic Maze Yonatan Frimer

Click here for the Maze Solution of Cat Attack Maze

Psychedelic maze of a cat pouncing to attack. Which is why it is called the last maze the mouse sees. To solve it, find the entrance at the upper left and the exit at the lower right and the path that connects them. Only one path connects the maze entrance and maze exit.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Favorite Maze By Yonatan Frimer

This is one of my favourite mazes that I have ever created. Its basically a merger of 3-d vanishing points and a bunch of monkeys jumping around all in a maze. It took me over 20 hours to complete this maze, and it is one of the most popular mazes that I have ever created. Click on the maze to view it in much greater detail.

Maze Kong

Maze Kong - 2006 Mazes
King Kong of Mazes

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