Saturday, January 01, 2005

DTF Still Hot on the Streets of Jerusalem

This is a quick update from The Jerusalem News Desk:

Katamon, Israel

Jerusalamites abound! Everyone is still talking about
the the famed Deport The Fuckers that had been so
dominant 2 years ago. "Those stickers are still up"
says Yigal Shuval, a writer for the The Jerusalem
Post, "Who ever started that?", he asks.

Nearly 2 years after the site went live, is still going strong. People
talk about it in the streets in Jerusalem and the
political agenda is still adhesed. Stickers in white,
orange-checkers and zionist-blue can be seen in all
areas of the country; often slashed into hundreds of
pieces, most likely by left-wing finatics trying to
remove what they consider graffiti.

Stickers where still available for purchase at press
time today at

The Director of the Organization did not return any of
the calls by presstime.


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